Special Offers

Each batch makes 30 bottles and prices include all taxes/fees, corks, labels and shrink wrap toppers

Winexpert - Vintners Reserve (4-week)


$10 off all Vintner's Reserve Kits


Winexpert - World Vineyard (4-week)


Chilean Sauvignon Blanc ($135)


French Cabernet Sauvignon ($140)

Vineco - Kenridge Classic (4-week)


Sauvignon Blanc ($135)

Valroza ($140)

Vineco - Legacy (6-week)


Gewurztraminer ($165)

Montepulciano ($175)

New Customers

At Urban Vintner we always enjoy introducing people to the world of personal winemaking. It’s a hobby for some and a passion for others, but once people start making their own top quality wine they keep coming back – once a vintner, always a vintner. Since we want to make the journey into craft winemaking as easy as possible, we offer all new customers their choice of $15 off a 6 or 8 week kit, or 30 free bottles.

Customer Referral Program
We know how satisfying it can be to share wine and the winemaking experience with friends and family so we want all our existing customers to feel the same way. When you come into the store please ask about our customer referral program, we have a special promotion for everyone who wants to help friends and family get their start in winemaking.

Call or come into the store to learn about our monthly specials and seasonal sales!