Wedding Wine at Urban Vintner

Feb 2, 2017


Your special celebration deserves the personalized touch of  hand-crafted wine to make it as unique as the occasion. Whether your wedding is a small back yard gathering, a rustic camping trip or a full on traditional banquet bash we’ve got you covered.

 Making your own custom wine is perfect for:

• Receptions • Rehearsal Dinners
• Bridal Showers • Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties
• Gift Openings • Take-Home Table Gifts For Your Guests


Start your wedding wine as early as possible to give your batch time to age to perfection. We generally recommend at least 2 months, and wine can be started up to a year in advance for best aging.

*Minimum 5 weeks ahead of the big day*

The process is quick and easy: simply start your wine and come back to bottle. We’ll take special care of everything in between so you can remain worry-free.

Weddings are costly so making your own wine is a great way to actually save money. You will receive top quality at a fraction of the price of commercially produced wine. The best part is our prices do NOT inflate when the word “wedding” is mentioned.

Bottling the wine can be an enjoyable experience in itself. A great way to involve your wedding party, family and friends; you can make your bottling appointment a fun and memorable event!

In a hurry, or not sure what to make?

Choose our Best Selling red and white wines from last year and save $25 per batch

Just choose your price-point and enjoy!
Each batch makes 30 bottles and includes EVERYTHING (taxes, ingredients, bottles, standard labels, shrink wrap toppers)

Economical ($150) – Light-bodied, easy drinking wines made from a blend of juice and concentrate made over 4 weeks
[Pinot Gris and Cabernet Sauvignon]

Select ($200) – Medium/Full-bodied wines made from 100% grape juice made over 6 weeks
[Italian Pinot Grigio and Chilean Malbec]

Premium ($250) – Medium and Full bodied wines made from 100% grape juice and fermented with the addition of crushed grapes and made over the course of 8 weeks
[Washington Yakima Valley Pinot Gris and Argentina Malbec]

If you are thinking about making your wine for your special event here are some quick things to think about before you get started!

  • Find out if your chosen venue will allow you to bring in your own wine. 
    You will be required to get a licence from the LCLB called a "Special Occasion Licence". 
    It is inexpensive and quick to get online:
  • We recommend 1 bottle of wine per couple. For a table of 8-10 guests that means 4-5 bottles. This works out to be about 2.5 glasses of wine per person. Not everyone at your event will drink this much but some will drink more!
  • When choosing your wine we recommend picking wines that go well with most dishes so they will complement any menu. You will never go wrong with the traditional Pinot Grigio and Merlot or Malbec but we can make some other suggestions as well. Our full list of wines is available on our Pricelist (note that prices do not include bottles).
  • Consider making the same wine you served at your event a party favour for your guests. You can bottle wine in small 375ml bottles to double the yield you get from one batch. That’s 60 375ml bottles vs. 30 750ml bottles. 

 Stop into the store now, or call for more information to get your wine started as soon as possible.
Be sure it is ready in time for all of this years events!

Custom labels are available online at:
or through out partner Cambridge Press in Surrey

You can also choose from our standard labels, available in-store: