World Wine Consumption

Jun 21, 2016

Many Canadians like to enjoy a nice glass of wine after a long working day, with annual consumption per person standing at 14.75 litres. Consumption rates are far higher elsewhere, however, especially in Europe. Research from the Wine Institute has revealed that 14 of the globe’s top 15 nations for wine consumption are in Europe, along with Uruguay.

Vatican City is at the very top of the wine-drinking league with an average resident consuming an impressive 54.26 litres a year. Although it may seem surprising that the Holy See grabs top spot, it does have a uniform and unusual demographic. Its residents are older and tend to eat together in large groups while the consumption of Communion wine is standard practice for a large proportion of them. Andorra, another small European nation, is in second place with 46.26 litres consumed per capita. France places fifth, with residents drinking 42.5 litres of wine each year.

At about 20 bottles each per year, Canada ranks 12th in total wine drinking (506 million litres) and accounts for 2.05% of the global wine consumption. This is saying quite a lot when you realize that Canada only produces 0.24% of the world\s wine (a figure that has shot up almost 25% since 2011).

By these numbers, if you excluded those under the legal drinking age, each person in Canada drinks about one full batch (30 bottles of wine) each year.